All About Kylie Jenner Lashes

You are probably thinking of the amazing Kylie Jenner lashes if you want something that’s close to natural looking lashes. No matter the brand of lashes you chose for a particular occasion, you want to choose the one that suits your looks and your style for the occasion. Let’s delve into what Kylie Jenner’s brand has to offer when it comes to lashes.


What is Kylie Jenner lashes

In case you don’t know, Kylie Jenner lashes are some of the best and most versatile eye lashes that you could find (very high end, as you can imagine). Obviously, they are inspired by the ever-prominent eye-catching lashes of Kylie Jenner, the younger half sister of the all-known icon Kim Kardashian. The lashes are made with the finest of materials (the best for the best of course!). If you want to look like a star then take advantage of these beautiful eyelashes, fashioned after the stars. Lashes just have this inherent ability to accentuate any eye shape, so you can choose the simpler, more natural looking to just add that extra bounce in your step in your everyday look or take a ride on the wild side and go for the more prominent, bolder selections which will have the head-turning effect when you walk into the room (demand the attention with the killer look).


How to use

Kylie Jenner lashes are not like the traditional lashes (as you can guess). They actually last longer and look more realistic like real lashes. Being out of norm, they take extra work to maintain them (they require touch ups every 3-4 weeks as per lash cycle). So if you’re not prepared for the commitment and upkeep either consider traditional falsies – strip lashes, or the more delicate, individual variety.

The fixing process is however quite similar to how the others are fixed, except, you may want to use the glue and mascara from the same brand, to give the full look.


Where to get Kylie Jenner lashes

You can easily shop online for the Kylie Jenner lashes on many online marketplaces like Amazon or Alibaba. The price ranges from $10 to as high as $90, depending on the style and type you are interested in. They come in different sets including the single set and the holiday set. There’s also the entire pack that comes with the black eyeliner, the glue and the Mascara you will need to do a DIY lash extension at home.


Kylie Jenner brand

The Kylie Jenner brand spans more than only the eyelashes. There are various cosmetic and fashion products that Kylie Jenner fans would love. Her brand of lashes are one of her most famous products with her all too famous Lippies.


Who is Kylie Jerner

Kylie Jenner is a very popular American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman and influencer. She always gets the attention of the media, so she wisely took her popularity and harnessed it as a tool to produce wealth for herself by producing her own brand of Beauty products called ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. Kylie is actually ranked No. 27 on Forbes Richest Self-made women list with an outstanding net worth of $900million. Her Cosmetics brand is versatile (she has eyeshadow palettes, lippies etc.)