Herpes Management Tips From The Experts

bacteriumHerpes disease presents itself in two forms. Herpes type 1 also known as the oral herpes and herpes type 2 also called the genital herpes. Herpes disease is one kind of a disease that is able to hibernate within the body until it is triggered by certain factors. This disease is able to hide from the body’s immunity which fights diseases away from the body.  There are many people living with this disease and especially the herpes type 1 without the knowledge that it actually exists.

There is this fear that most people experience and especially the mothers that if they have genital herpes, that it may affect their fertility and their pregnancy. The truth of the matter is that, herpes does not affect the fertility rate of a person. Herpes does not also affect the baby in the uterus as it is not vetro contagious. The baby therefore is safe from being infected by this disease.

It is not important for a person to look for a surrogate mother to help them in carrying the pregnancy just because they have genital herpes. It is possible for such a mother to carry the baby to term and the baby will not get the herpes disease. The genital herpes virus can only be transferred to the baby from the mother through birth canal. This simply means that such mothers must undergo caesarean section to avoid the birth canal.

It is important for such mothers who have genital herpes to keep checking on their baby’s progress with the doctor and to seek advice on herpes cure whenever they need it.

There are those mothers who do not have the ability to carry pregnancy to term. This therefore means that they have to look for other means to have a child. One of the methods is to have a surrogate mother who can carry the baby on behalf of the mother and then give the baby to her when it’s born. Herpes has been used by some mothers as a way of disqualifying such mothers which should not be the case at all. Herpes should not be used as a disqualification term as it does not affect the unborn child. Herpes type 1 does not affect the pregnancy at any one point.

Prevention is better than cure and it is better to be safe than sorry. It is possible to avoid getting genital herpes and oral herpes too. Genital herpes can only be transmitted via sexual intercourse.  One can avoid having it by remaining sexually inactive especially if they are young and not married. For those who have attained the marriage age, they should remain faithful to their partner and ensure that their partners are also faithful to them.

It is important to have proper diet all through the pregnancy for those who have herpes and even those without. This will result to high immunity preventing recurrence of the symptoms for those with herpes.

It is also prudent for those with herpes to notify their sexual partner of the same for their own safety.