Sound Information on Herpes

Herpes comes as a result of a virus. Herpes presents itself in two forms. The most common form is the oral herpes which is the type 1 herpes. This one affects mostly the inside of the mouth, the lips and the nose by causing blisters that are painful and sensitive to heat and pressure. Genital herpes is the other type of herpes and is also called the type 2 herpes. This kind of herpes affects the sexual organs by causing sores all over the organ.

baleImmediately a person is infected with the herpes virus, then they become a carrier of the virus. The virus lives in them and they can infect others with it. Oral herpes is transmitted via oral fluids. Kissing or coughing while one is not holding their mouth meaning that fluids from her mouth may have gone to another person can result to the transmission. Sharing of personal effects such as tooth brush is another reason that can lead to transmission.  The genital herpes can only be transmitted via sexual intercourse with an infected person.

Once the virus gets into the body, it undergoes several stages while in there. The very first stage is the primary stage and starts soon after the infection has occurred. This stage can only be identified by the presence of sores on the affected surface and which are usually painful. The sores are usually red in color and contain some fluid in them. The latent stage is the one that follows the primary stage and here the herpes virus become embedded in the nerve cells where it remains dormant. While at the nerve cells, the virus is not able to be reached by the body’s immunity. This is the stage where this virus stays for long because, unless it is awakened, then it continues staying in that state. While in this state, the virus is able to multiply and it usually appears in body fluids such as the saliva, the vaginal fluids and the semen. It is through these fluids that the virus is transmitted from one person to the other.

It is important for one to take care of the sores and the affected area too. For quick hearing of the sores and to avoid spreading of the sores, it is important to ensure that the sores remain as clean as possible and also dry as possible. These two things will ensure that the sores heal much faster. Though the sores are itchy and can be very irritating, avoid touching the area. Whenever one touches the area, then they should ensure that they have cleaned their hands thoroughly with soap and water. This ensures that the virus has been killed to avoid further transmission.

The best herpes cure is to ensure that you avoid outbreaks. It is important for one to ensure that they stay away from herpes triggers. Ensure that your diet is okay so as to ensure that your immunity remains high to be able to fight diseases.